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Future features:

  • Create an organizations' information scraper, and implement an Organization Card.
  • Replcae Organization focus with their respective icons.
  • Set view direction on ships (front, up, side & action).
  • Add textboxes for wing titles and info.
  • Set badge color.
  • Set show / hide on ship name.
  • Set personal ship name.
  • Set ship name color.
  • Set ship name location.
  • More backgrounds.
  • Larger Fleet View Image.
  • Auto fit and implementing freewall.js.
  • Order by parameters (size, weight, speed, etc.).
  • Add another scale (currently 1 meter = 5 pixels).
  • Option for Background Fill (resize) / original size.
  • Option for custom backgrounds from other http address.
  • Option for custom backgrounds upload option for full members.
  • Option to bring ship to front instead of adding it again and deleting the back one.

Credits and Disclaimer

The First Universal Bank is not affiliated with any real government, nor does it claim to be a true governing body. It is a community of people around the game Star Citizen, produced by Cloud Imperium Games and Chris Roberts. It is intended for entertainment and parody purposes only. The First Universal Bank lore and fiction is just that, fiction. Any real people, places, dates, times, or events that coincide with the First Universal Bank's story is purely coincidental and unintentional.

The backgrounds used on this website are either created specifically for this website, or are artwork used from Cloud Imperium Games (CIG). CIG gives express written consent that their artwork, logos and graphics are allowed to be used on fan websites for Star Citizen. The First Universal Bank attempts to take no credit for their conceptual artist’s work. Artists are credited where possible.

Special thanks to my awsome wife for cutting images for me!
Special thanks to GlowBright the awsome designer for the logo, and helping out with some of the ships!
Special thanks to MicrowavePopcorn for helping out in finding a way to add the Javelin and Idris models!, check out his cool ship's tool here.

Some of the backgrounds originate from Hubble Site under the public domain as stated in their site these photos (artworks of physics) belong to NASA and/or STScI , The First Universal Bank does not take credit for any of these works, they are copyrighted and belong to their respective owners.

The first 2 paragpraphs of this disclaimer are taken from the United Space Confederation's credits and disclaimer, The First Universal Bank is not the owner of these paragraphs.

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